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April Events & Outings

Monday, April 1st 1-3:30 pm, Hometown Tourist Outing to View Depression Era Murals in

City Hall: Step back in time and explore the captivating history of Cedar Rapids’ Depression Era Murals

during our Hometown Tourist Outing. Join us at 1:00pm at Horizons, 815 5 th St. SE, to view a video about the story behind the remarkable murals adorning the city council chambers and the artists who painted them.

Following the screening, we’ll carpool to City Hall to view the murals. Led by Sean Ulmer, Executive Director of the CR Art Museum, we’ll learn more about these compelling images, the controversies that led to their being covered over for decades, and the unique cultural heritage they portray.

This is an Offsite event. We will meet at Horizons, 819 5th St. SE (not far from Mercy Hospital by 1:00pm and go from there to City Hall.

Thursday, April 4th 1-3:30 pm, Bingo: A social game of chance, bingo, is growing in popularity and is

enjoyed by people of all ages. Besides being great recreation, playing bingo can help older adults maintain hand-eye coordination, concentration, and short-term memory skills.

Monday, April 8th 1-3:30 pm, Service Project for Homebound Seniors: Join us for a heartwarming

Service Project dedicated to spreading joy to homebound seniors in our community. Embrace your inner child and unleash your creativity as we delight in decorating paper bags as ‘May Baskets.’ Filled with love and a couple of small gifts, they will be distributed to homebound seniors participating in Horizons’ Meals-on-Wheels program. Bring your artistic flair and any supplies you might have to contribute, such as colors, markers, stickers, or stamps to enhance our creations.

Beyond the crafting this event offers an opportunity for socializing and bonding with fellow community

members. Together, we’ll share laughter, stories, and the joy of giving back.

Thursday, April 11th 1-3:30 pm, Demonstration of Modern Square Dancing by Rapid Eights

Square Dance Club: Are you ready to experience the exhilarating world of modern square dancing? Join us for an electrifying demonstration by the Rapid Eights Square Dance Club and their caller Jim Williams. This isn’t your grandma’s square dance! Prepare to be amazed. Veteran square dancers will be invited to join in while beginners will have the opportunity to dive in and try it for themselves.

Beyond the exhilarating steps and lively music, square dancing offers a fantastic workout for both the mind and body. It’s a way to stay active, sharpen your cognitive abilities, and boost your mood – all while having a blast! Square dancing isn’t just about the steps’ it’s also about building lasting friendships and a sense of community. Come join us for this fun demonstration.

Sunday, April 14th 2:00pm, Hometown Tourist Outing to Grant Wood Studio: Meet in the

carriage house visitors center to explore this Cedar Rapids gem. The home and studio was where Grant Wood created many of his well-known pieces, including American Gothic. While the visitor center is handicap accessible, the studio is not.

Monday, April 15th 1-3:30 pm, Line Dancing with Kathie Mosley: Line dancing is a great way for older adults to engage in healthy physical activity. It is a perfect exercise for improving coordination and balance, increasing cardiovascular health and brain memory. This dance fitness experience can be enjoyed by people of all movement abilities; newcomers welcomed anytime. Kathie

Mosley will be leading us in this quirky and fun activity.

Thursday, April 18 th 1-3:30 pm, Cutting the Cable Cord: Are you tired of skyrocketing cable bills but

still want to access your favorite television channels? Join us for an enlightening session on “Cutting the Cable Cord” with Paul from Down Right Technology. Are you wondering if you can still access channels like MeTV, PBS stations, and more after cutting the cable cord? Bring your questions. In this informative program, Paul will discuss alternatives to help you slash your cable expenses without sacrificing your entertainment options. Say goodbye to exorbitant bills and hello to cost-effective solutions that cater to your viewing preferences.

Monday, April 22nd 1-3:30 pm, Game Day. Join us to play Phase 10, a rummy-like card game, Mexican Trains, a modern version of Dominos, or Scrabble. These games can be played by anyone. Or bring a favorite game. There is enough room and tables to play 3-5 games.

Thursday, April 25th 1-3:30 pm, Movie Day at Horizons 819 5th St SE: Come and enjoy a movie

while munching on gourmet popcorn for your cinematic pleasure. The name of the selected movie will be posted on the Facebook Group “Cedar Rapids 55 Plus” and announced about a week prior to “Movie Day.” This offsite event will be held at Horizons, 819 5 th St SE, ½ block off 8 th Ave, not far from Mercy Hospital.

Thursday, April 29th 1-3:30 pm, CR (Downtown) Library Tour: Join us for this offsite program at the

Cedar Rapids Downtown library, 450 5th St. SE. This exciting Library Tour is tailored to the interests and needs of older adults. Discover a plethora of resources designed to enhance your skills, creativity, and relaxation. Learn about tech resources including computers and the ability to check out a Chromebook, research tools such as Ancestry Library, Spark Kits for learning new skills, and the digital library collection of eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music, and magazines.

The Maker Space will be a highlight of the tour with demonstration of the Glowforge Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, Circuit Maker, and Button Maker. Following the tour staff will be available for one-to-one tech advice. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore all that our library has to offer!

If you park in the adjacent parking ramp, remember your space number and library staff will assist you in

getting two hours free of charge parking when you come into the library.


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