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Senior Female Teacher


Events and outings for the current month are described on the home page below the calendar.

Bridge to Opportunities Coffee & Chats are offered twice weekly (Mondays 1-3:30pm and Thursdays 9-11:30am) at the Four Oaks Bridge building, 2100 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids.  It is not necessary to RSVP for Coffee and Chats.

Special Events

Please register for special events. Some events have minimum or maximum numbers of participants, and some require prepayment (Those requirements are explained on the news page.  Also, if you register we can notify you if an event is canceled. For how to register, see the blog post on the News page. On the Contact Us page, let us know what events you'd be interested in and if you'd like to be notified of events by email.


Nature Walks are an opportunity to renew our spirits and enjoy our natural environment while socializing with others.  We will meet-up in area parks and nature areas with easily walkable paths.  The pace will be unhurried for taking in nature’s beauty while getting in ‘our steps.’ 


Hometown Tourist events are opportunities to meet-up with others to take in a Cedar Rapids area attraction, like Grant Wood’s studio or a museum exhibit. 


Group outings to Theater Performances, Music, Movies, and Restaurants may be added as interest is generated. Let us know your suggestions.


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